RAM self-leveling drink cup holder keeps your favorite beverage within reach. This gem even comes with a can insulator.

High Strength Composite and Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum

RAM Multi-Pad is supplied with two rare earth magnets, one custom pen and detachable clip.

Great for keeping score on the golf course.

Width: 4"
Height: 8"

High Strength Composite 

The Arkon Mobile Grip 2 Holder features a spring-loaded mechanism that expands to fit all smartphones (even those with skins and rugged cases) up to 3.6” wide and makes it easy to insert or remove the smartphone from the holder with one hand.

12" RAM X-Grip leaves the outside edge of your tablet almost completely free of annoying obstructions. Soft rubber fingers apply just enough force to keep your tablet in safe and secure.


Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum, Marine Grade Stainless Steel Components & High Strength Composite

RAM Adapter for GoPro Bases is easily adjustable to give 360 degree rotation of your camera.


High Strength Composite

RAM Tube Fishing Rod Holder.


High Strength Composite

MASTERS Scorecard Holder clips onto the handle bar of your WASP PT allowing you to carry a scorecard, pencil, balls and tees. The scorecard is protected from the rain and wind by a hinged storm cover. 


Igloo 385-43581 Playmate The Boss

Diamond plate exterior features a rugged texture and appearance.

Trademarked tent-shaped lid with a attractive metallic-look has the side button release that locks tightly to prevents spills.Lid swings open to either side for easy access.


15.88 x 10.19 x 14.88


The Homer 19 in. Tool Box is constructed of durable polypropylene and a padlock eye for safe, secure tool storage. The large body accommodates bigger tools and a removable tool tray is great for small specialty tools.

ROKMG Vivid Black Hard Cases. The material is comprised of black ABS material, this kind of material is extremely solid. This pair of Hard Saddle Bags is with Flip-open door and rotating lock covers and are fully weather stripped to keep your cargo dry.

Outside dimension measurements:16.5" L x 11.5" H X 5.5" W

A WASP Personal Transporter allows employees to move 3 times faster than walking (without fatigue), and cover 9 times more ground than on foot. All in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.


Safety Vest with Reflective Strip.

Safety Helmet.

Knee Pads

Elbow Pads

Back Protector


At WASP we can custom mount almost anything to our PT.


So please reach out to us and let us know what you have in mind.