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7.2kW | WiFi | 4G LTE | Cable Management

One Hour Charging = 40Km Distance

A fully accessible charging experience for every electric vehicle driver. Design features a smart cable management system and a large, user-friendly 8 inch touchscreen, while the embedded LED lighting attracts drivers and guides them through the session.

Vandal-proof and weather-resistant build is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation. With built-in Wi-Fi and 4G LTE, your stations can access uninterrupted remote updates and support. Auto-locking, auto-retractable cable management system makes it easy for anyone to use your station while always keeping your cables suspended above the ground and out of harm's way. Plus, your stations are connected to enable efficient energy distribution amongst themselves and to simplify network management for you.

Attract new EV drivers and increase usage by publishing your charging stations to public charging maps. Make money on those charging sessions to see a faster return on your investment. Plus, thanks to the scalable Satellite configuration and software-agnostic hardware, this SLIM TOWER fits right into your EV charging expansion plans.


WASP EV Tower Charging Station Pic 4.jpg
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