A WASP PET allows employees to move 3 times faster than walking (without fatigue), and cover 9 times more ground than on foot. All in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.


Supervisors can more efficiently oversee a larger area; easily travel from indoors to outdoors, up ramps, into elevators and through doors as well as pivot within a shoulder width footprint and transition seamlessly from forward to reverse.


Warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, expediters, and corporate security are all great candidates for WASP PET™.​

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Improve mobility on construction sites with varied and challenging terrain.


Maximize the superintendent’s efficiency and ability to check in with contractors throughout the site. Reduce fatigue associated with walking a job site.


Easily traverses the uneven dirt, sand and mud on most construction sites.


Moves a superintendent from one area to another quickly so that all aspects of a job may be monitored.


Significantly reduces a superintendent’s fatigue and facilitates additional interaction with contractors and inspectors.

WASP PET™'s can be outfitted with part cases, laptops, etc in order to better manage productivity. 

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