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Treats back pain. Not just eases it.

Offer your members who suffer from back issues an innovative golfing product that will provide them long-term back relief.


The G2 is a patented decompression air back brace designed to help take the pressure off the lower back while a person golfs.

  • 100% Soft Cotton Lining

    • Can be worn under a golf shirt directly against the skin or over a thin t-shirt

  • Machine Washable

    • Made from high quality lightweight durable material. Laundry bag included!

  • Conforms to the Natural Curvature of the lower spine/back

    • This curvature design is imperative for fit and comfort

  • Easy-to-Read Pump/Gauge included!

    • detachable​/portable hand pump

    • gauge provides an accurate reading while inflating the belt

  • The Original Spinal Air Decompression Belt, backed by 4 U.S. Patents

  • Drug free back pain relief backed by clinical/case studies, pre and post X-Ray images, 900 patient survey, hundreds of testimonials from individuals and medical professionals

  • Prevents and Relieves low back pain

  • Made with 100% inner soft cotton lining.

  • High Quality/Durable and machine washable.

  • Sizes available: Small to 3XL

  • MSRP: only $349.00 CDN