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EV Charging Station
Revenue Streams

In a competitive environment, organizations must think of ways to attract and retain customers while increasing the value of time being spent per visit.

Installing EV charging stations is one of the most economical ways to this, as it can help increase brand recognition and time spent at each location.  The end result is increased revenue from the time usage from each EV charging station.

EV Charging Station Levels

Level 1 | Level 2 AC | Level 3 DCFC

WASP EV Charging Station DC FC.jpg

Level 1 | AC | EV Charging is the slowest, most basic charging solution available on the market. Normally this basic charging cable is provided by the manufacturer of the EV Vehicle at time of purchase.

Level 2 | AC | Charging is an advanced, faster charging solution for both residential (home/condo/multiplex) and commercial locations (parking lots, hotels, businesses).

Level 3 | DC | EV Charging is an ultra fast charging solution designed for high traffic locations (gas stations, fleet providers). This solution requires access to a robust phase power grid.

EV Charging Station Network

Topology | Payment Gateway

WASP EV Tower Charging Station Pic 2.jpg
WASP EV Charging System Network_edited.png

EV Charging Network Software enables cities, communities, hospitals, retailers, apartments, condos, parkades and property owners/managers to efficiently manage their own network of smart EV charging stations.

Real-time visibility into the status of all charging stations and related components at a glance.

Monitor financial transactions being placed from each stations location either onsite or from a remote location.

EV Charging Station Software

OCPP | Secure Data | Encrypted

WASP EV Charging station Business.jpg

7.2kW  | Smartphone Programming | WiFi

EV Charging Station Management devices.png

EV Network Software utilizes the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). This means that communication between charging stations, networks, and the utility grid can occur. We can provide assistance when choosing charging stations and design a truly flexible solution that can grow and scale over time.

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