Cruz the course!

Our WASP GolfCruz™ Personal Electric Transporter will help create an experience

for your members which will be talked about forever.


The WASP GolfCruz™ comes equipped with a secure golf bag holder, rear wire basket with lid, self leveling drink cup holder and smart phone holder


 The WASP GolfCruz™ can travel

up to 60Km per charge and is

only $4290.00 CDN

The WASP GolfCruz™ is the perfect personal transportation option for the golfer who wants to put some fun back into their game.


The WASP GolfCruz™ is a stand up, four wheel cruzer built for a single player.


Simply grip the handle bar and step up onto the platform. Select your speed and direction (forward or reverse). Press the speed throttle and away you go!

In a foursome, each player can follow their own shots down the fairway at a faster pace then walking, therefore, increasing the speed of play.

A WASP GolfCruz™ allows a player to move 3 times faster than walking (without fatigue), and cover 9 times more ground than on foot.



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