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Golf PRO

The WASP Golf PRO™ is the ultimate personal electric transporter.

Innovative and fun, the WASP Golf PRO™ is built for a single player. Simply grip the handle bar and step up ONLY 8 inches onto the platform. The WASP self-balancing technology engages automatically.

In a foursome, each player can follow their own shots down the fairway at a faster pace then walking, therefore, increasing the speed of play.

A WASP Golf PRO™ allows a player to move 3 times faster than walking (without fatigue), and cover 9 times more ground than on foot. All in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Perfect for the golfer who has mobility issues (i.e. with knee or hip problems one no longer needs to struggle to get in and out of a seated position golf cart).


WASP GolfPRO Model_edited.png
WASP 4-A.jpg
WASP Amazon 4.png
WASP Amazon 5.png

The WASP Golf PRO™ comes equipped with a secure golf bag holder, self leveling drink cup holder, smart phone holder, 6 can soft cooler & front mounting carry case. Incline and decline hill max angle inclination is approx 35 degrees. 2400 watts of pure power!


 The WASP Golf PRO™ can travel

up to 80Km per charge and is

only $3799.00 CDN (plus taxes)

(Note: due to global production delays, fulfillment of any new orders placed after August 1st, 2022 will not be fulfilled until April of 2023.)

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