BUZZ around the course!

Our WASP GolfBUZZ™ Personal Electric Transporter is easy to use

and easy to transport!

The WASP GolfBUZZ™ is the perfect portable personal transportation option for the golfer who has mobility issues or wants to transport their unit back and forth from the golf course.


The WASP GolfBUZZ™ is a light weight, stand up, three wheel transporter built for a single player.


Simply grip the handle bar and step up onto the platform. Select your speed and direction (forward or reverse). Press the speed throttle and away you go!

Max speed 30km/h

In a foursome, each player can follow their own shots down the fairway at a faster pace then walking, therefore, increasing the speed of play.

A WASP GolfBUZZ™ allows a player to move 3 times faster than walking (without fatigue), and cover 9 times more ground than on foot.


The WASP GolfBUZZ™ comes equipped with a secure golf bag holder, self-balancing drink holder and a smart phone holder.


It weighs 25Kgs, has a single (450 watt) rear motor, three 8.5 inch turf friendly tires, can accommodate a person and bag up to to 130Kgs, can handle an incline or decline up to 20 degrees and the handle bar folds down for easy storage or transport.

Size: 41 inches (L) x 11.5 inches (W) x 38-46 inches (H)


 The WASP GolfBUZZ™ can travel

up to 50Km per charge and is

only $2499.00 CDN (plus taxes)


(Note: due to demands, production times are running approx 45 days from receipt of payment)

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