WASP PET is designed to move your employees more intelligently, bringing benefits to workplace efficiency.


The carrying capacity of our PET™'s enable individuals to transport more equipment, tools and goods than they can carry on foot.


From security guards in shopping malls to ‘pickers’ in warehouses, from inspections and deliveries to work sites (both indoors and out), WASP PET™ model can be fitted out and individualized to suit your needs.

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A WASP PET™ allows employees to move 3 times faster than walking (without fatigue), and cover 9 times more ground than on foot. All in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.


Supervisors can more efficiently oversee a larger area; easily travel from indoors to outdoors, up ramps, into elevators and through doors as well as pivot within a shoulder width footprint and transition seamlessly from forward to reverse.


Warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, expediters, and corporate security are all great candidates for WASP PET™.​

WASP PET™'s can be outfitted with parts cases, laptops, etc in order to better manage productivity. 

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