The WASP PET is an ideal policing partner, whether you’re patrolling airport concourses, malls or industrial parks.


Raised an additional eight inches off the ground, it places an officer a clear head above the crowd. That means that officers will be seen when they need their presence felt.


WASP PET riders have superior sight lines for traffic management, crowd control, and community policing.

WASP 1.jpg
WASP 1.png

The WASP PET can move an officer, smoothly and quietly, at 2-3 times walking speed. It can easily double the amount of area a walking officer can cover, and can transition immediately from walking speed (5 kph) to sprinting speed (20 kph) when an officer needs to get somewhere fast without causing alarm.

WASP PET's can be outfitted with cases, laptops, etc in order to better manage policing.