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Golf P.E.TIndustrial

Our WASP P.E.T™ Industrial & Commercial unit is the ultimate personal electric transporter for a supervisor or plant foreman/woman.

As soon as you step onto the WASP the technology engages.​ Our WASP PET™ allow an individual to move faster (without fatigue), and cover more distance (up to 9 times more).

Our WASP PET™ features a start button, charging port, USB for programming and also acts as a charging station for smartphones and tablets. The red LED lights located at the rear illuminate when you stop or turn providing a safety indicator for those behind you.

The side fenders are surrounded by a sturdy metal tubing system that allows for specialized mounting of additional WASP PET™ hardware such as coolers, tool boxes, golf bag holder and more.


All in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.


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The WASP GolfBUZZ™ comes equipped with a secure golf bag holder, self-balancing drink holder and a smart phone holder.


Through an App & Bluetooth connection the WASP PET™ displays power, speed, ODO, Trip, etc.


The App can also control the vehicle's steering sensitivity, positioning settings, LED head light, etc.


For an Android device, please scan the QR code below to upload the App.


The WASP PET™ can travel

up to 80Km per charge and is

only $2999.00 CDN (plus taxes).

(Note: due to global production delays, fulfillment of any new orders placed after August 1st, 2022 will not be fulfilled until April of 2023.)

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