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Wasp WHIPIndustrial

Our WASP WHIP™ was designed for large commercial & industrial locations !

This two wheel personal electric transporter is engineered to take you anywhere you want to go!


Designed with a small footprint, this two wheel electric WASP WHIP will help take the pressure off your feet & legs during your shift so you can move throughout your large facility with ease!

Monster Size 10 Inch Wheels

3600 Watts of Power

Dual Motors

Max Riding Weight: 130 kgs

Charging time: 6-7 hours

Max Speed: 50+ Km/h

LED Head Light

LED Taillight

Front & Rear Vented Disc Brakes

Advanced Dual Shocks

LCD Display

Electric LED Throttle



WASP WHIP 2 wheel scooter side_edited.png
WASP WHIP 2 wheel scooter folded.jpg

Our WASP WHIP™ is engineered with an advanced shock system (no exposed coil springs) that prevents debris buildup.


45.6 inch (L) x 10.2 inch (W)

Weight: 30kgs


The WASP WHIP™ can travel

up to 70Km per charge and is

only $1999.00 CDN (plus taxes).

(Note: due to global production delays, fulfillment of any new orders placed after August 1st, 2022 will not be fulfilled until April of 2023.)

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