Who needs waves?

Introducing the WASP water STINGXR™, a Personal Electric Transporter that can move you across the water like a Ninja!

The WASP water STINGXR™ is a light weight, carbon fiber creation designed for those who just can not get enough of being on the water.


The WASP water STINGXR™ measures 69 inches x 23.7 inches x 6.5 inches (weighs only 39 kgs) and is a stand up or laydown, electric, water jet propelled, Wake | Surf | Body Board

built for a single rider.


You no longer needs to invest in a truck and trailer or be pulled behind an expensive wake boat, motorboat or jet-ski to enjoy

this water ride!


Simply place the board in the water, grip one of the handles with one hand and lay your body on-top of the board. With the other hand grip the throttle cable and slowly squeeze the trigger. As you begin to accelerate, move your body up and  onto the board or place your feet inside the foot holders, stand up and...away you go!

The WASP water STINGXR™ is equipped with a powerful and advanced 10000 watt, 72 Volt, 32 Amp MinNiCo Ternary Lithium battery bank (extra battery banks are available for purchase).


This special battery packs enough power to propel a rider across any body of water ( lake or ocean ) at speeds up to 52 km/h!


The WASP water STINGXR™ comes with a 1 year warranty that covers the propulsion jets and battery bank.


 The WASP water STINGXR™ can power you across the water for up to 45 minutes on a single charge and is

only $6900.00 CDN